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Laurel's Leaves

Have you researched the meaning of your name recently? Finding out more about its connotations might lead you to consider your identity in new ways.

It turns out that the name Laurel was not given to me just for its alliterative properties. (My mother, who loved poetry, named me Laurel Lynn.) On, I discovered the following aspects of the symbolism of laurel leaves. At least a few of these likely reflect my mother's dreams and hopes for me back when she chose to call me Laurel. "Laurel, don't rest on your Laurels," she used to say. Here are some of the gifts and responsibilities associated with laurel leaves.

Creativity – Laurel was said to communicate the spirit of prophecy and poetry. Laurel leaves were commonly put under pillows at night to impart inspiration through dreams and laurel's intoxicating properties are associated with prophetic and poetic inspiration.

Cleansing Properties and Magical Attributes – Laurel leaves surrounded the temple of Apollo to cleanse the soul of the person entering. Laurel is associated with purification and immortality. It supposedly awakens awareness and memories of past lives; stimulates psychic awareness, health and the powers of divination.

Peace and Protection – Today laurel is a symbol of peace. It also indicates a power over the passions and is thought to protect from the influence of evil spirits and to provide protection from lightning.

Achievement – It has long been a symbol of victory. Laurel was given as a symbol to the winner in the Pythian games. It is also the source of the word Baccalaureate and of poet laureate. Laurel = Daphne – In Greek mythology, the nymph Daphne changed into Laurel to escape the pursuit of Apollo.

What does your name mean? How does it inspire you and/or inform your dreams and endeavors?

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